“Most people don’t lead their lives — they accept their lives.”  — John Maxwell
I will help you lead the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Cathi A

Tanya is a dynamic and engaging presenter. She has personally helped me step by step in the process of living my life with intention. She gives me practical and specific feedback that identify the hurdles that come as I am making significant changes to my life. This understanding has made all the difference in past attempts at transforming my behaviors. Tanya instills confidence as she explains how to implement new ways of looking at the barriers to change. It is such a contrast to my past failed attempts. My “why” has become clearer as I view life through a “growth mindset”.

Dee W

I recently had the opportunity to attend a class titled Progress is a Process presented by Tanya Hale. I loved it! I appreciated the way Tanya offered a humble, yet powerful and positive approach to this subject. She used her background, knowledge, and personal experience to offer a unique perspective of personal and professional progress and growth. I left Tanya's class feeling motivated, encouraged, and ready to take some big steps toward my progression. Thank you Tanya!

Deb P

Tanya Hale has helped me work through some tough times in my life. She is insightful, kind, understanding, and smart. I was married 25 years and then became a divorced woman. I was looking at myself as a failure and she has helped me see all the positives in my life. From the mastermind class I took and the private coaching sessions we have had I can now see the light at the end of my personal tunnel. I have found peace, joy, and contentment. I am finding myself again and I am finding I actually like who I am becoming! She is awesome! Many thanks.

Bobbi S

Tanya has taught me to learn and know myself so I can choose boundaries that are important to me. Tanya has wonderful insight on how to approach setting boundaries when this is a new concept for me and I want to do so thoughtfully. Setting boundaries has become such an important part of my life I often think about what my boundaries are with people in my life. I have a new found peace using what I have learned. Thank you Tanya!!!

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I'm Tanya. I'm a certified life coach, a mother of four mostly-grown, great kids, and someone who is working hard, just like you, to have a happier and more fulfilling life, healthier relationships, and more purpose and direction. And along the way, I get to help others accomplish the same things, because we all need a little push once in a while. To learn more about me, click below.

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