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  • #103 The Case for Curiosity
    Curiosity is the beginning of everything great that will happen in your life!  Curiosity is the first step to growth and progression because it creates awareness, and awareness means we finally see what we need to see.  Today we’ll talk about how curiosity will move you into the next best version of yourself.

  • #102 The New Normal
    As the Covid-19 Pandemic is slowing down, I keep hearing about the dreaded “new normal.”  And yet, when we can learn to start looking for the opportunities in this new normal, rather than expecting disaster, we can create a very different experience for ourselves.  Because it all starts with a thought. . .

  • #101 Conscious Unbelieving
    Our brain is always so busy thinking all kinds of thoughts, the VAST majority of those which are unconscious.  And a lot of these unconscious thoughts are not serving us, in fact, they can often be very detrimental for our progress and growth.  Learning how to identify and un-believe those thoughts is vital.  Let’s talk about how.

  • #100 Lessons Learned Through 99 Podcasts
    It’s amazing what a person can learn about themselves in the process of creating 99 podcasts!  Today I get a little personal, and sometimes a little emotional, as I share the lessons I’ve learned in the past 15 months of podcasting.

  • #99 Parenting Adult Children
    Making the transition from parenting young children over whom we have a lot of say, to parenting adult children over whom we have no say, can be a really difficult challenge for many of us.  But the only want we can have the connected relationships we desire with our adult children is to learn to step back, let go, and love unconditionally.

  • #98 Mom Guilt
    If you’re a mom, you’ve most likely felt this at some point in your parenting career, and it doesn’t just go away when our children become adults.  But let’s take a closer look at what it is, and why it is, and how to create something different — like a closer, connected relationship with our children.

  • #97 Why The Thought Model Matters
    The Thought Model is a tool I use in my life and with my clients to help them understand their feelings and actions better.  Building upon last week’s podcast, today we’re discussing how understanding our thought model can help us to feel more empowered and step into emotional adulthood.

  • #96 Understanding The Thought Model
    Do you ever wonder why certain situations make you so happy or angry or frustrated?  Do you wonder why you act the way you do or why the results in your life are what they are?  The Thought Model is a tool I use with coaching my clients that helps them to understand the connection between circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.  This is the basis for my coaching.  If you want to know how to feel more empowered in your life, understanding and implementing The Thought Model is the first step!

  • #95 Resilience
    Who are the people who come through challenges and adversity more successful and fulfilled than they were before they experienced it?  You got it.  Resilient people.  People who have the ability to bounce back and recover easily.  How do we become more resilient?  Join me today and let’s talk about it.

  • #94 The Right Path
    What is the right path and how do we determine if we are on it?  Join me today as I share with you my recent personal revelations about what I’ve learned about my path and the paths of others.  I love growing up and learning these kinds of things about myself!

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