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  • #92 Clean Love
    Have you ever noticed that sometimes your love will come with conditions?  And not just conditions on the front end, but conditions on the back end as well?  We often expect that when we show love to another person that they will behave in a certain way in return.  That, my friends, is controlling and manipulative.  Clean love is when we learn to love without any expectation at all.  And that, is an amazing place to get to!

  • #91 Personal Responsibility
    It is so easy to not only blame other people for things that go wrong in our lives, but just as easy to expect people to be responsible for our happiness and for fulfilling our needs. ¬†Well, it’s time to step up, my friends, and start taking responsibility for the emotions, including happiness, that we feel, and also for our own needs. ¬†Wanting, or expecting, someone else to take care of these things for us leaves us completely powerless, and who wants that?

  • #90 Divorce Trauma
    Divorce is traumatic, and we can carry that trauma with us for many years.  And it’s not just the trauma of the separation, it’s also the trauma of many years of developing unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with the dysfunction.  This is a great discussion to help you become more aware of the trauma and learn how to work through it.

  • #89 Mid-Life Teenage Angst
    What do mid-agers and teenagers have in common?  A lot of angst!  And for a lot of reasons you may not have considered.  Join me today as we discuss how our mid-life funk correlates so strongly with the life of a teenager.

  • #88 Marriage Mending with Jane Copier
    Today I get to interview my good friend and fellow life coach, Jane Copier (  Jane is an amazing coach who focuses on helping couples save their marriages.  If you’ve been married you know that it definitely has it’s challenges, but you may not feel that divorce is the option for you.  That being said, you also don’t know how to fix it and be in a healthier and happier marriage.  Jane can help!

  • #87 The Law of the Lid
    Why is personal growth so important?  Because our personal growth puts a lid on everything else that we engage with in our lives — our relationships with others, God, and ourselves, as well as our work.  We are limiting every aspect of our lives by our lack of personal growth by what is known as The Law of the Lid.

  • #86 Is Self-Care Being Selfish?
    When is it self-care and when is it selfishness?  Good question!  But here’s an important distinction.  Self-care is us taking care of our needs so that we then have the energy to take care of the needs of others, while selfishness seeks to exploit others to take care of our own needs.  We actually have to engage in self-care in order to be self-less.

  • #85 Emotional Tones
    Did you know that the actual words we speak are only 7% of our communication?  93% of what we say is communicated through the tone of our voice and our body language.  Today we’re going to talk about our emotional tones and how they impact our relationships with others.  If we want to truly connect with the people around us, it’s important to pay attention to our tones, understand where they come from, and how to change them.

  • #84 Creating Energy
    What is it about mid-life that makes us feel tired all of the time?  I’ll tell you a secret — some of it has to do with what you’re thinking.  Today we’re talking about how to create energy with your thoughts when it feels like you don’t have any.  Our thoughts create energy. . . who knew?!?

  • #83 Self-Honesty
    So many of us are just not honest with ourselves.  Not on purpose, mind you, but unconsciously our brain perpetuates lies.  At one time these lies may have kept us safe or been coping mechanisms that helped us to manage the difficulties in our lives.  And even when they’re no longer useful, our brain continues to tell these lies because they’re easy and comfortable.  Learning to become aware of these thoughts and develop honesty with ourselves is vital for our growth and progression.  Let’s chat about it.

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