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  • #146 Emotional Spring Cleaning
    Spring always feels like the perfect time to clean out some closets and cabinets.  We get rid of things that are no longer needed in our lives in order to make space for things that will serve us better.  Emotionally, spring is a great time to do the same thing – find behaviors and patterns that may have served us well at one time, but that are no longer creating what we want to create.  Is it time for you to do some emotional spring cleaning?

  • #145 How to Get What You Want
    Do you ever feel like you work towards getting what you want and then get exhausted and quit? Whether it’s weight loss, business or education goals, relationship goals, we can only change our behavior for so long before we just don’t have what it takes to keep it up anymore. Today we’re going to talk about how to really get what you want by getting out of just changing our actions and instead move into changing our thoughts, which are the cause of all of our actions and results.

  • #144 Happy Being Unhappy
    Challenges, struggles, and trials are just a part of God’s plan for our life here on earth. When we can embrace this concept rather than believing that we should be happy all the time, we can find a level of peace, fulfillment, and contentment previously unavailable to us. We truly can find happiness in our unhappiness!

  • #143 Stuck in Perfectionism
    Perfectionism has, at time, been hailed as a really great thing.  And I’m sure it is. . . at some point in the far distant future!  Having perfectionist tendencies at this stage in our human experience can actually be more detrimental than beneficial.  In fact, perfectionist ideas can keep us stuck in a place we don’t want to be.  Let’s talk about why.

  • #142 Pay Attention
    What would you be willing to pay on Amazon for a happier, more connected relationship?  What would you be willing to pay for more confidence?  More fulfillment?  More engagement with your life?  Would you be willing to pay . . . attention?  Because paying attention to our lives, our minds, our people, is what having a more fulfilling, engaging, connected life will cost.  

  • #141 Coaching & Counseling. What’s the Difference?
    A question I get asked a lot is, “What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?”  Today, we’ll discuss the differences, the similarities, and when you would enlist the services of each.

  • #140 Still Being A Martyr
    Very few of us will want to admit that we sometimes lean toward martyr behavior, but I believe a lot of us exhibit it from time to time, and it’s destroying our relationship with ourself and with others. Last week we discussed what being a martyr in a relationship looks like, and this week we’re talking more in-depth about 10 ways being a martyr shows up in your life, and 10 ways we can begin to move away from our martyr behaviors

  • #139 Being a Martyr
    I believe that most of us, at one time or another, have relished in being a martyr. The fascinating thing is, we often do it as a desperate cry to be seen and heard, and what we create is everyone avoiding us so that there is no way we’d be seen or heard. We actually end up destroying the relationships we want so much to be a part of. Today we’re talking to you about why we do it, how it shows up, and how to move out of it.

  • #138 Intuitive Eating with Wendy Lee Johnson
    If you’re someone who has constantly been in the “my weight is not what it should be” mindset, you will love this podcast.  My good friend, and fellow coach, Wendy Lee Johnson will walk you through the basics of intuitive eating and how it differs from dieting in some very significant ways — most notably, the thought work behind it.  And I love that these concepts apply not just to dieting, but also to moving into intuitive living as well.

  • #137 Not Enough? Not True.
    Why is it that so many of us have bought into the lie that we’re not enough? What does that phrase even mean? What are we not enough of? Who are we not enough for? How does that thought even serve us? It doesn’t. It’s that simple. Join me today as we talk about this tricky little thought and learn how to get to a place where we truly can believe that we are more than enough.

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