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  • #135 Why Is That?
    Want to learn how to be more self-aware? Let’s start with this question, “Why is that?” Take any behavior you engage in or any feeling you have and ask yourself this question and you will begin to understand yourself more clearly. You will start to understand yourself in a way that will allow you the clarity necessary to start creating different experiences for yourself if you’d like. Let’s chat about it. . .

  • #134 What About Pornography?
    This can be a tough topic. But we’re going to chat today about pornography use from both the user and the spouse today. Both have work to do. Both get to learn how to step out of being a victim and living from fear and choosing instead to step into responsibility and living from love. There is so much hope and empowerment available to all impacted by pornography use.

  • #133 How to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions
    We are 11 days into the new year and many of our resolutions are starting to not be so fun. What needs to happen for us to actually accomplish what we want to this year? How do we keep moving forward instead of slowing down and eventually quitting? Managing our thoughts around our goals and being very clear on our reasons and motivations top the list. Let’s chat about it.

  • #132 How to Have a Happy New Year
    We live in a society that has a bit of an obsession with being happy. We can often see happiness as our ultimate goal in life, and we strive to be happy with everything we do. But where our culture often views happiness as a place of ease with no struggles or challenges, true happiness is actually something much different. Let’s chat today about how we can truly have a happy new year.

  • #131 The Gift of Life
    Your life consists of so much more than being alive and healthy.  It is actually a gift from God.  What you are, who you are, your strengths and your weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your dreams and desires are all a gift given to you from Your Creator.  Let’s chat today about how we can more fully appreciate our lives and Our God who has gifted us with it.

  • #130 Exploring Our Darkness
    Part of being a human is that some of the things we think and do are amazing, and some of them can be pretty rotten.  Sometimes we can spend so much energy avoiding and denying the darker parts of us, that we don’t grow into the person we were created to become.  Because only in discovering our darkness can we begin to replace it, bit by bit, with the incredible light we have the capacity to become.

  • #129 Parenting Discomfort
    Parenting. One of the toughest gigs on the planet. And it is the gift that continually keeps giving us discomfort! Today we discuss all the ways parenting brings us discomfort from the day they’re born until today — and why it’s not only okay, but amazing and desirable! Discomfort is just a feeling, and an opportunity to recognize an opportunity for growth.

  • #128 Growing Up Into Middle-Age
    Middle-Age is the best time for growing up!  Serious.  We have the experiences and the wisdom at this point in our lives to move forward at an unprecedented rate — if we want to.  When we take the time to review our lives, our growth and progress, we can start to see just how amazing our paths have been, and will continue to be as we move into our futures.

  • #127 Our Worth & Our Works
    So many of us have the beliefs that our works, the things we do or don’t do in life, are what creates our worth. In actuality, our works and our worth don’t have anything to do with each other. Our worth is not, and never has been negotiable by the things that we do. Add to that the fact that discovering and embracing our worth is the key to really finding fulfillment in life, and we have a topic worth exploring!

  • #126 Abdicating Our Emotional Responsibility
    Many of us are so responsible in our lives, but have never really learned how to be emotionally responsible. We continue to blame other people for our feelings, giving others the credit for us being angry or frustrated or annoyed. We also abdicate our emotional responsibility when we expect other people to make us feel happy or loved or empowered. Part of the joy in growing up is realizing that all of our emotions are our responsibility.

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