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  • #157 Friend-Zoning Your Adult Children
    One of the toughest things about being a parent of adult children is letting go of the desire to continue to parent them.  We have been so used to having expectations of how we want them to behave and what we want them to do, that letting go of that can be difficult.  But once they’re adults, it’s time to friend-zone them and step away from parenting them.  Let’s talk about how to do that.

  • #156 The Benefits of Being Wrong
    Some of us can have strong physical and emotional reactions to being wrong, and it can make us very resistant to the experience. But learning to look for and embrace the experience of being wrong can have some amazing benefits to us. When we learn to step into the more humble space of understanding where we are wrong, we can step into a stronger and happier version of ourselves.

  • #155 How To Forgive Anyone
    Forgiving can sometimes be so difficult. When we feel we have been severely wronged, letting go of the pain and the anger and the resentment can seem overwhelming. And sometimes, we don’t even know where to start with moving into forgiveness. Today we are going to talk about how to do just that. How to forgive anyone. It may seem a pretty large task, but it is possible.

  • #154 Rethinking Kindness
    Kindness has so often been associated with acts – Acts of Kindness. What if we were to back this up a bit and start with Thoughts of Kindness and see the difference it would make in how we, and the recipients of our kindness, felt? Focusing on our thoughts rather than our acts will create a completely different experience.

  • #153 The Manual
    All of us tend to have manuals for how we believe other people should behave. What we find, is that our expectations for them are a way to try to control their behavior so that we can feel better. When we seek to control other people’s behavior, it never turns out very well. They feel manipulated and we feel horrible because they’re not doing what we think they should and then we’re angry or frustrated on top of it. It’s time to figure this one out!

  • #152 Victim or Hero?
    Every experience we have in our lives gets turned into a story in our brain. And in our story, we generally become either the hero or the victim (and maybe sometimes the villain!) When we choose to become the victim, we feel disempowered and experience little to no growth, or may even decline a bit. And it’s so easy and can feel so good to be the victim! When we choose to become the hero, we are empowered and step into a space of growth that can be amazing. Let’s chat today about how to become your own hero of your story.

  • #151 Connection
    Connection with other people is something we were created to desire. And yet, sometimes we feel as though we are struggling to connect with those people who matter the most to us – our spouses or significant other, our children, siblings, friends, and even ourselves. What creates true connection and how can we step into more of it? Let’s talk about it!

  • #150 Living In Possibility
    Possibility. A word filled with hope for what is to come. Dreaming of an amazing future of fulfillment and contribution. And yet, somewhere along the way, many of us have forgotten about our possibility. We’ve entered into middle-age having focused on other people’s possibility, and lost touch with our own. Let’s remedy that, shall we? We still have decades of possibility ahead of us!

  • #148 Grace & Grudges in Our Relationships
    Sometimes in our closest relationships, it can be very easy to hold a grudge rather than extend grace.  But to truly develop the connection that we desire in our relationships, it is imperative that we learn to forgive others and embrace their humanity.  Only with grace will we create the deep, intimate connections that we desire.

  • #147 Hijacked By Your Emotions
    When was the last time your emotions came on so strong and powerful that you felt out of control? All of us have times that our response is way bigger than is warranted by the circumstance. Today we’re chatting about why this happens, and how we can turn these times into opportunities to grow and learn and progress.

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