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  • #7 Boundaries Part 1
    Boundaries are so important for strong and healthy relationships.  In this episode we will explore what it means to have healthy boundaries and why they are so important.

  • #6 Happy All The Time
    Doesn’t that just sound great?  To be happy all the time?  Well it does, until it doesn’t.  Positive and negative emotions are necessary for our well-being and happiness.  Today we’ll discuss why this is and how negative emotions can actually help us to have greater happiness than before.

  • #5 Learning to Listen
    Listening is the most vital skill for good communication and connection, and yet so many of us are just not good listeners.  Today we’ll discuss how we can strengthen this skill and improve our relationships as a result.

  • #4 How to Change
    Changing our behaviors can be one of the most challenging things in our lives.  Today we’ll discuss how to create long-lasting change to put us on the path of personal growth we really want to be on.

  • #3 – Resolving Conflict
    Most of us come from a place where we are not big fans of conflict, in fact, often we say we hate conflict.  Today we’ll discuss how conflict can be a good thing and how we can use it to strengthen our relationships.

  • #2 – Control Issues
    If you’re like me, you may have a few control issues here and there. Today we’ll discuss when it’s ok to have control issues and when it’s not, because sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

  • #1 – This Is Us
    Welcome to Intentional Living with your host, certified life coach Tanya Hale.  On this podcast we will discuss who we are, where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there.

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