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  • #116 The Peace of Imperfection
    So many of us struggle with ideals of perfection, and it wreaks a lot of havoc in our lives.  When we can see imperfection for the gift it is, we can start finding peace in all of our flaws, mistakes, sins, and imperfections.  Let’s chat about it today!

  • #115 Better Questions Create Better Answers
    The questions we ask ourselves in our brains make such a difference.  When the questions focus on reasons, we tend to spiral into negativity and it drains our energy.  When the questions focus on solutions, we create energy and start moving forward and progressing in the ways we want to.  Learning to manage these questions will help you learn to manage your life.  Let’s talk about it!

  • #114 Confidence
    Is it possible to build our own confidence or is it just something we were born with?  It is possible to create confidence!  So many of us struggle with feeling confident, and yet, it is entirely within our grasp when we learn to manage our thoughts in order to create the feeling of confidence.  Let’s talk about it!

  • #113 Self-Acceptance
    Recognizing and embracing the truth that we are human and will make mistakes is such an important piece of the self-acceptance puzzle.  Learning to accept what we can change, what we can’t, and then having the courage to change what we can, will bring us to a place of self-acceptance that creates space for positive change.  Let’s chat about it. . .

  • #112 Interview with Beth Hillman, Coach for Parents of Struggling Teens
    Beth Hillman is an amazing coach who works with parents of struggling teens.  Join me today as Beth talks about her own personal journey with her struggling teen and how learning to take responsibility for her part in their relationship changed everything.  You can find Beth at

  • #111 The Checklist Relationship
    We are hard-wired as humans for connections with other humans.  And yet, our primitive brain is hard-wired to take the easiest path possible and get all habitual and superficial with our relationships.  So how do we move out of the primitive brain “checklist” and into a space where we emotionally engage with the people we love?  That’s what we’re talking about today.  You won’t want to miss this one!

  • #110 The Cost of Being Right
    If you want to be right, you are not alone!  Being right is a primal desire for humans, and sometimes we will work to be right at any cost.  But the thing is, the cost can be huge, and the biggest casualty is our relationships with the people we value the most.  Today let’s look at our reasons behind being right and how we can let go of it.

  • #109 Your Reasons Matter. . . A Lot
    One of the most amazing things we can be aware of with ourselves is our reasons for why we make the decisions we make.  Our reasons will make all the difference on our end results, as well as give us valuable insight into our minds and what motivates us.  Once we clue into the thinking of our minds, we have a distinct advantage!

  • #108 Spiritual Submission & Self-Worth
    What is the connection between submission and self-worth?  More than you’d think!  Learning to truly be submissive to God, to create a relationship of trust is so valuable to our spiritual growth.  And so is embracing our God-given self-worth.  Today we’re talking about how these two ideas are intertwined.  Good stuff!

  • #107 Why Our Thoughts Are So Important
    Most self-help books out there make it seem like it’s so easy to change your life.  If you will just follow these easy steps you can make your life better.  But until we get to the cause of those behaviors, our thoughts, long-lasting change is not possible.  Are you ready to up-level your life?  Let’s start with your thoughts.

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