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  • #122 Your Story About You
    The story that we choose to tell ourselves and believe is one of the most powerful choices we can make.  Because every story can be told from many different perspectives, and that makes all the difference in whether we approach our lives from a place of power and learning or a place a victimization and stagnation.  Join me today and I’ll show you how this works.

  • #121 Self-Certain
    The world we live in is a very uncertain place — and it always has been.  In this very uncertain world, what can we do to be self-certain?  And just where do I get me some of that self-certainty?  We can never be sure of what tomorrow will bring, but we can be certain that when the struggle is over that we will come out on top, a stronger and healthier version of ourselves.  Let’s chat about it.

  • #120 Are You Motivated by Love or Fear?
    One of the best ways to start digging deep into ourselves and seeing what’s holding us back is to start looking at our motivation for what we do.  And ultimately, always, it comes back to love or fear.  When we’re motivated by fear, we destroy.  When we’re motivated by love, we create.  Understanding and choosing love as our motivation can help us start creating the life and the relationships that we ultimately crave.

  • #119 FAQs About My Divorce

    So many people have a lot of questions about divorce, the whys and the hows — and I’m never afraid to answer them even though they are usually hesitant to ask.  So today, I’ll share with you some of the most frequently asked questions about how I knew it was the right decision, to my regrets, what I’m grateful for, and also some advice.

  • #118 100% Responsibility
    Taking 100% responsibility for our lives is one of the most important things we can do to grow and progress.  And yet, it can be so difficult to do when we have behaviors that hold us back that we’re not aware of, or when we know we are right in a situation.  What is there to take responsibility for when I’m not to blame?  More than you would think.  Let’s chat about it!

  • #117 Anti-Responsibility
    What are the behaviors that would be classified as anti-responsibility? Chances are, if you are like me, most (if not all) of these 19 behaviors are ones that you have engaged in at some point. Stepping away from responsibility is a sure-fire way to step away from our growth and progression. Let’s talk today about what anti-responsibility looks like.

  • #116 The Peace of Imperfection
    So many of us struggle with ideals of perfection, and it wreaks a lot of havoc in our lives.  When we can see imperfection for the gift it is, we can start finding peace in all of our flaws, mistakes, sins, and imperfections.  Let’s chat about it today!

  • #115 Better Questions Create Better Answers
    The questions we ask ourselves in our brains make such a difference.  When the questions focus on reasons, we tend to spiral into negativity and it drains our energy.  When the questions focus on solutions, we create energy and start moving forward and progressing in the ways we want to.  Learning to manage these questions will help you learn to manage your life.  Let’s talk about it!

  • #114 Confidence
    Is it possible to build our own confidence or is it just something we were born with?  It is possible to create confidence!  So many of us struggle with feeling confident, and yet, it is entirely within our grasp when we learn to manage our thoughts in order to create the feeling of confidence.  Let’s talk about it!

  • #113 Self-Acceptance
    Recognizing and embracing the truth that we are human and will make mistakes is such an important piece of the self-acceptance puzzle.  Learning to accept what we can change, what we can’t, and then having the courage to change what we can, will bring us to a place of self-acceptance that creates space for positive change.  Let’s chat about it. . .

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